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Excellence 70% Cacao 100g

Barra de chocolate amargo 70% cacao. Descubre el mundo del chocolate amargo con esta barra sutil y equilibrada. Excelente para maridar con vino, café y té. Creada con pasión por Maestros Chocolateros Suizos desde 1845. Hecho en EUA.

Nutrition Facts:

604 kcal (2507 kJ):
Energy (kJ) 7g
Energy (Kcal) 604 kcal (2507kJ)
Fat(g) 0mg
- of which saturates(g) 29g
Carbohydrate(g) 48g
- of which sugars(g) 7g
Protein(g) 36g
Salt(g) 29g
Fibre 29g
Sodium 20mg
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Ingredients: CHOCOLATE AMARGO 70% CACAO: Pasta de cacao, azúcares añadidos, manteca de cacao, grasa butírica, lecitina de soya como emulsificador, vainas de vainilla, bourbon.
Allergens: Contiene derivado de leche, derivado de soya. Puede contener otras nueces de árbol.

Tasting Notes

This classic dark chocolate boasts a rich, intense taste that is masterfully balanced for a harmonious flavour profile.

Delight in the rich and powerful taste of roasted cocoa as Excellence 70% delicately melts on your palate before savouring the lingering notes of red fruit and comforting vanilla.

The perfect balance between sweetness and cocoa intensity.


Robust cocoa notes


Full-bodied, balanced with fruity notes

From the Maitre

Our classic and ultimate dark chocolate. Excellence 70% is a true chocolate indulgence for dark chocolate lovers celebrating the flavours of finest cocoa. This chocolate is a stunning option for all your baking and cooking projects, and will provide a luxurious chocolate flavour to your recipes.


Green Tea paired with Lindt Excellence 70% Chocolate

Green Tea

Double Espresso paired with Lindt Excellence 70% Chocolate

Double Espresso

Glass of Australian Shiraz wine paired with Lindt Excellence 70% Chocolate

Australian Shiraz

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