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Excellence 90% Cacao 100g

Barra de chocolate amargo 90% cacao. El sabor del cacao es intenso, pero no abruma el paladar. Excelente para maridar con vino, café y té. Creada con pasión por Maestros Chocolateros Suizos desde 1845. Hecho en EUA

Nutrition Facts:

582 kcal (2406 kJ):
Energy (kJ) 12g
Energy (Kcal) 582 kcal (2406 kJ)
Fat(g) 0mg
- of which saturates(g) 6g
Carbohydrate(g) 54g
- of which sugars(g) 17g
Protein(g) 12g
Salt(g) 7g
Fibre 33g
Sodium 25mg
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Ingredients: CHOCOLATE AMARGO 90% CACAO: Pasta de cacao,manteca de cacao,cacao en polvo procesada con alcalí, azúcares añadidos, vainas de vainilla Bourbon.
Allergens: Puede contener otras nueces de árbol, leche y soya.

Tasting Notes

Lindt Excellence 90% is an elegant and surprisingly well-balanced high percentage dark chocolate.

Discover the flavours of supreme dark chocolate with profound cocoa yet with a creamy melt and velvety texture.

Rich cocoa flavours give way to smoky notes and undertones of espresso, toasted nuts and subtle smoky notes.


Rich and deep cocoa


Velvety, balanced, slightly smoky with notes of roasted coffee

From the Maitre

A truly unique chocolate. High in cocoa and intense in flavour yet masterfully balanced. This chocolate is high in cocoa butter and so provides a velvety richness and smooth rounded flavour. A stunning high percentage cocoa chocolate with delicate, balanced flavours.


Lindt Excellence 90% chocolate pairing with Jasmine Tea


Lindt Excellence 90% chocolate pairing with 3/4 latte

3/4 latte

Lindt Excellence 90% chocolate pairing with glass of Malbec wine


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